September Song(s)

Ah, the wished-for Autumn weather, and with it the forgotten hidden melancholy. As always when the days begin to ‘dwindle down’, I am reminded of the beautiful ‘September Song’ by Kurt Weill & Maxwell Anderson.

In keeping with the soul vibe of this blog, James Brown did a truly excellent version of it on his 1970 Soul On Top album.

In September 2007, WFMU’s Ken Freedman posted this awesome blog post with 38 versions of the tune. Which introduced me to Django Reinhardt’s wonderful version.

The first I ever heard was Ian McCulloch’s lovely 1984 single.

But my favourite version is Lotte Lenya’s.


The Geminis

Last year in the month of Gemini I happened upon this song. I LOVE it, esp. that twist at the end of the chorus, ‘Now you’re doin’ fine, with a friend of mine’.

You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure

Further on from yesterday’s post about Barbara Lynn’s fantastic ‘You Left The Water Running’, I’ve always loved songs where the singer thinks their house is flooding but on second glance realizes that they are crying because their lover has left them. I only know two songs like that so if you are aware of more please tell me. The other is Funkadelic’s ‘You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure’ from their Cosmic Slop album.

I’m trudging water all through the house
I thought it was from a leakin’ sink
I phoned the plumber to rush right over
And see if he could fix this leak

He rushed right over and he took a look
And much to my surprise
He said, ‘My son, it’s not your sink
It’s teardrops from your eyes’

Along with the varied vocals they always put to good use, I love that superlong intro line and the killer main riff itself. Cosmic Slop is arguably my favourite Funkadelic record. The other contender would be Maggot Brain, which was the first one I ever owned. I fondly recall buying Cosmic Slop in April 1992 on a school band trip to Boston where a bunch of us snuck away to go to all the cool record stores in Harvard Square – Second Coming, Mystery Train, Newbury Comics (Boston had some great record shops in the 90s).

‘You Can’t Miss…’ is actually a reworking of The Parliaments’ 1965 single, ‘Heart Trouble’.

Welcome To The Love Conspiracy

asatlc image


Hi. It’s Aug Stone. I’ve always loved soul music. I fondly remember my mother playing me all her great Motown 45s when I was a kid. And when I moved to London in 2003, discovering Northern Soul and collecting all the compilations I could.

Last December 2015, I posted on Facebook that I’d love to make a soul record some day. Keith TOTP promptly replied ‘Do it. You have no reason not to.’ A very good point. And so Aug Stone & The Love Conspiracy was born.

A few days later I was at work talking to my friends Aleana and Olivia. Those of you that know me know I have a bit of an interest in Astrology. In fact I’m formally studying the Chinese Ba Zi right now with Richard Ashworth. And on that eve last December I mentioned to my friends ‘Venus has just moved into Sagittarius, it’s a good time for Love’. Aleana immediately shot back ‘It’s always a good time for Love’. And that will be the name of the album. Five minutes later in the conversation, she also used the phrase ‘Don’t put a time on Love’. I wrote that title down and on New Year’s Day 2016, I woke up and wrote the first Love Conspiracy song.

A big influence on ‘Don’t Put A Time On Love’ was Barbara Lynn’s ‘You Left The Water Running’. I had discovered this song on the Ace Records compilation, Kent’s Cellar Of Soul Vol. 1 , and was obsessed with it all winter.


And also on New Year’s Day, I made a single New Year’s resolution. To write a song as good as my ‘Pink Lights & Champagne’ (recorded by my band H Bird). I believe I’ve done that with ‘Written In The Stars’.


You can check out the Love Conspiracy photos and like us at our Facebook page.

More on my favourite soul music soon!