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Welcome To The Love Conspiracy

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Hi. It’s Aug Stone. I’ve always loved soul music. I fondly remember my mother playing me all her great Motown 45s when I was a kid. And when I moved to London in 2003, discovering Northern Soul and collecting all the compilations I could.

Last December 2015, I posted on Facebook that I’d love to make a soul record some day. Keith TOTP promptly replied ‘Do it. You have no reason not to.’ A very good point. And so Aug Stone & The Love Conspiracy was born.

A few days later I was at work talking to my friends Aleana and Olivia. Those of you that know me know I have a bit of an interest in Astrology. In fact I’m formally studying the Chinese Ba Zi right now with Richard Ashworth. And on that eve last December I mentioned to my friends ‘Venus has just moved into Sagittarius, it’s a good time for Love’. Aleana immediately shot back ‘It’s always a good time for Love’. And that will be the name of the album. Five minutes later in the conversation, she also used the phrase ‘Don’t put a time on Love’. I wrote that title down and on New Year’s Day 2016, I woke up and wrote the first Love Conspiracy song.

A big influence on ‘Don’t Put A Time On Love’ was Barbara Lynn’s ‘You Left The Water Running’. I had discovered this song on the Ace Records compilation, Kent’s Cellar Of Soul Vol. 1 , and was obsessed with it all winter.


And also on New Year’s Day, I made a single New Year’s resolution. To write a song as good as my ‘Pink Lights & Champagne’ (recorded by my band H Bird). I believe I’ve done that with ‘Written In The Stars’.


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More on my favourite soul music soon!