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You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure

Further on from yesterday’s post about Barbara Lynn’s fantastic ‘You Left The Water Running’, I’ve always loved songs where the singer thinks their house is flooding but on second glance realizes that they are crying because their lover has left them. I only know two songs like that so if you are aware of more please tell me. The other is Funkadelic’s ‘You Can’t Miss What You Can’t Measure’ from their Cosmic Slop album.

I’m trudging water all through the house
I thought it was from a leakin’ sink
I phoned the plumber to rush right over
And see if he could fix this leak

He rushed right over and he took a look
And much to my surprise
He said, ‘My son, it’s not your sink
It’s teardrops from your eyes’

Along with the varied vocals they always put to good use, I love that superlong intro line and the killer main riff itself. Cosmic Slop is arguably my favourite Funkadelic record. The other contender would be Maggot Brain, which was the first one I ever owned. I fondly recall buying Cosmic Slop in April 1992 on a school band trip to Boston where a bunch of us snuck away to go to all the cool record stores in Harvard Square – Second Coming, Mystery Train, Newbury Comics (Boston had some great record shops in the 90s).

‘You Can’t Miss…’ is actually a reworking of The Parliaments’ 1965 single, ‘Heart Trouble’.